Business Stay on the Right Side of the Law with Document Destruction

Every business in Toronto throws a lot of paper each and every day. Before you or an employee discards another piece of paper (or obsolete electronic) consider what’s being thrown away. If these records contain anything important like account numbers, financial receipts, or contact information, you could be discarding your company’s good name. Should the confidential data found on these improperly disposed of files find its way into the wrong hands, it could facilitate the theft of your clients’ or business’ identity. To make sure you avoid identity fraud (and breaking the law),hire a trusted Toronto document shredding company to help you keep your confidential information safe.


One of the great things about hiring a shredding company to handle all of your document shredding is that you’ll have a team of professional, uniformed, and bonded employees arriving at the scene to take over the entire process. These representatives, including those from Absolute Destruction, follow guidelines set out by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) to create a secure shredding plan. You can trust the paper shredding experts at Absolute Destruction to collect the paper and electronic files you have amassed in between visits and destroy it onsite using their mobile shredding trucks. This ensures your documents are destroyed quickly, powerfully, and completely before they’re recycled at a secure disposal plant.

As long as you need to dispose of paper or obsolete devices, the best document shredding Toronto has to offer can help. There’s no limit to what kind of documents you can shred, nor are there any regulations on how often or how infrequent your visits are. Typically, individuals will need fewer trips than large businesses, but even work-at-home professionals can amass quite a pile of paper. That’s why it’s important to choose a document destruction company that can fit with your schedule.

A quick call will determine if a Toronto shredding service is for you. Whether you require recurrent pickups or a one-time purge, the company that you choose should supply you with secure containers to collect your documents. Locked from the outside, these receptacles are increasingly important in the business setting, as they ensure confidential materials stays safe from the moment it’s disposed of to the moment the shredding professionals collect them. That means no classified items can be retrieved by the wrong person.

Sometimes, the paper you’re throwing won’t have as dire regulations, but sometimes, when they contain important account numbers and contact information, they will. Making the decision to hire an on-site shredding company to handle your document destruction is the safest, most thorough method of disposing your documents and electronic records regardless of the information they contain. It offers a peace of mind that all laws are followed, and your company and your clients are safe from identity fraud.