The Top Reasons Why You Need a Pop Up Display when Joining a Trade Show, Conference, or Exhibit

Anyone who’s on the road a lot, representing his or her company and its projects or products in trade shows, conferences, or exhibits will no doubt tell you that their job is very exciting but can be very stressful. Good organisation is essential, and proper planning is a must. A large part of being successful ultimately depends on the tools that are used – and there are very good reasons why more and more representatives choose pop up stands and admit that they would be lost without them. They are, after all, highly efficient and cost-effective, saving both time and money with excellent results. Here are the top reasons why you need a pop up display when joining a trade show, conference, or exhibit.

Life on the road

If you’ve ever traveled, you know how stressful it can be – you’re constantly worrying about time tables, your luggage, sleep, food, and drink, and are often in a hurry due to your busy days. That goes double for sales personnel or representatives whose sole focus is to present a great demonstration of their products and drum up business. It’s important that you have all your tools – and that those tools, like the pop up stand, don’t fail you.


Packing and unpacking

It’s ingenious: the pop up stand is packed and unpacked in but a moment, without much effort. That’s the traveling representative’s dream: no hassle setting up or breaking down. Simply unpack it from its hard travel case, and the device unfolds momentarily – it literally pops up. The durable, wrinkle free surface is ready to get to work in no time.

The power of display

Getting your name out there – making people aware of your company and your product – is on the top of the list, and for this you need a great sign- or billboard. That’s exactly what the pop up stand does; it provides the public with a great visual aid so you get noticed in no time.

Storage and transport

Once your exhibit or trade show is over, it’s easy to remove the pop up or roller banner stand, fold it, store it in its traveling kit, and be on the road again. Storage and transport are easy, hassle-free.

And never forget that pop up stands and pull up banners, especially those from, save a tremendous amount of money considering the amount of attention they demand – they are very durable and cost-effective as a promotional tool. In fact, compared to other marketing devices, they rank at the top. Add to that the fact that they are easy to store and transport, and you’ve got a sure winner. It’s that flexibility that ensures pop up and roll up banner stands will be used everywhere, over and over again. It’s economical yet priceless

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