Learning about Tea for Business with a Tea Certification


It probably would come as a surprise to you, to learn that tea comes only second to water, as the most commonly consumed beverage in the world today. Apart from being refreshing and palate pleasing, tea has a lot of health benefits that makes it suitable for alternative medicine. Polyphenols, which is contained in virtually all teas, gives it the much needed antioxidant properties, antioxidants inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in the body, and help to protect the body from “free radicals”. Taking tea that contains polyphenols can go a long way in preventing blood clotting, it also lowers cholesterol levels, helps with sleeping problems, and the benefits of tea are enormous.


Although the aim is not to give too much emphasis on the benefits of tea, it is important to also note that other benefits of tea includes, boosting the body immune system, aid in weight loss, when taken as prescribed by a tea professional, and aids with digestion.


With more and more individuals venturing into the tea business today, the need for having a body that provides training and certification on tea cannot be overemphasized. Standards would be created and also maintained; this is in order to make sure that individuals and companies in the tea business are provided with the necessary education for running the business in a professional manner, it should go beyond just learning about the different types of tea on the Internet, or watching some YouTube video that explains the benefits of tea.



The UK Tea Academy is a the only professional body in the United Kingdom, which offers tea certification programmes, this well-organized body provides different levels of training on tea, students who completes the training programme are presented with a UK Tea Academy Diploma, this is very important, especially when you are venturing into the tea business or just a tea enthusiasts, that wants to learn more about tea from tea professionals. The UK Tea Academy offers three levels of courses, this is to ensure that everyone is covered, regardless of the level of experience you have. The Tea Champion, which is also the foundation level, is the first level that is offered by the UK Tea Academy and its aimed at training people working in tea bars, tea companies, tea shops, hotel restaurants and basically individuals who have general interest in tea.


The intermediate level or the Tea Sommelier, is for individuals that have completed the UK Tea Academy foundation course and wish to proceed to the next level, this is focussed on people who manage or own a tearoom, tea business, etc. After completing the Intermediate level certification, the Tea Master is the third level, which is aimed at training tea professionals and individuals who want to gain advanced level knowledge about tea. Learning about tea for business with a tea certification is easy, especially when you have a professional tea certification body like the UK Tea Academy, readily available to help.