3 Ways to Make Brochures Look More Attractive


With modern advertising tools, you may think that people are no longer interested in traditional forms of advertising such as flyers, banners and brochures, and that they will not be interested in buying the products especially when they have read the information in printed materials. This is a huge challenge considering the other forms of advertising that you have to compete with. However, when you use these resources properly, you can still expect people to be enticed into buying what you offer. You just need to focus on brochure printing and design. Here are 3 ways to make brochures look even more appealing.

  1. Include graphics

You need to reduce the number of words and place more graphics. In this fast-paced world, no one has the time to read a lot of text in a brochure. It is better if the brochure contains images that speak volumes about your company. Even without going through all the details, potential buyers will understand what it is that you are offering. Of course, these graphics could also be exciting to look at and may also be funny.

  1. Use colours that pop

You can use different colours to make the brochure stand out. The colours must also match the kind of products that you offer. If you are selling products for kids, of course colours are a must. However, if you are selling something more formal, you can use earth tones. Again, the point is to use colours that work well. Black is an option if you wish to stand out. You just have to use it wisely. It is also a matter of designing the brochure well to make it stand out when placed next to other brochures.

  1. Be creative

There are playful ways for you to use your brochures. You can use one that is 3D. This is the type that comes to life when you open it. There are paper cutouts that pop up just like in greeting cards. You may also include freebies inside such as free samples of your products or gift vouchers that people can claim if they head to your store and buy your products. You can also use an irregular shape for the brochure so that it doesn’t look boring.

In the end, it is important for you to have brochures that people will appreciate. You need to do everything you possibly can so that you can maximise the money that you spend on brochure printing. It is also important to partner with the best printing companies so that you can avail of only the best printing services. Next time, you can ask them for help when you need banner printing and flyer printing. You need to constantly come up with creative ways to reach out to different groups of people.

Image: freedigitalphotos.net (Paul)