Start Up Trend In Australia

Everyday we hear stories related to start up businesses collapsing because of many reasons. Which is not a good sign for country and economy like Australia , where our main parameter of countries economy lies in the roots of small business and their success and the amount of jobs they are creating for the locals. Technically speaking , there are many small businesses are coming up every year and this year is the highest number of small business registrations in all the major states of Australia. Which is a great sign , but how many of them are actually helping themselves and helping the nation and contributing to countries income. There is thumb rule about a business being called as a successful enterprise , we have many companies collapsing under 2 years of time frame , and very few are going between 2 to 3 and very less companies are going above the period of 3 and more. So you can say if the business is successfully running if its running for more than 3 years combating all the odds that a small business would face. So the success rate for small business is very little.

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If you take industries like transport , where many companies come and go. Specially the latest trend is all about moving companies which are contributing to chunk of the cash flow for transport industry. We all know every month there are about 7 million Australians move to different places with in the country and this includes both households and small business or large enterprises moving places. The reasons could be many , they might be moving because of better work force , expanding to interstate due to growth or even to cut their current expenses short. In this moving industry , again there are many local companies which are starting off their operations over night with very little or no experience. And as a result , customers are not getting what they are supposed to get and also these businesses are not lasting for long and leaving their staff’s and customers future in dark. As a result of recent customer issues in this moving industry many Australian government bodies forced the federal government to come up with a strict policy to stop these companies from ripping the normal customers off.

But very few companies like You Pack Removals who are providing high class interstate removal services to their customers ,  their customers include households ,  businesses ranging from small to large . Companies like Telstra , MTV , Johnny Walker , Open Air Cinemas use their services for their logistical needs . The reason for their success is , they put customer first than anything else says their managing director Mr Berens.  They have come up with a very successful and unique interstate moving solution, that has created a drastic difference in the moving industry . Many of the bigger players have started adopting their approach later , however You Pack Removals continue to grow because of their expertise and experience in providing top notch interstate removal service to Australians.

Article by James Burr