4 Things You’ll Miss When You Start Making a Daily Plan

For some reason, there tend to be two kinds of people: those who make a plan and those who don’t. Some people might be scared to make a plan for fear that it will interfere with a spontaneous opportunity that presents itself. In actuality, using a monthly, weekly, or daily planner is an easy way to make more time for the things you enjoy. In fact, when you start making a daily plan, here are thing things you’ll probably miss.


1. The Stress of Remembering Something Last Minute

Panic sets in when you realize you have an assignment that’s due in a few hours, or maybe there’s a meeting with a friend that you were supposed to go to five minutes ago. When you keep a planner, you have an easier time remembering what your schedule is like. It’s much more difficult to forget important things.

2. Not Having Time for the Things You Love

When you have a hobby, be it working out, reading, drawing, or crafting, you want to have time to do those things you love. It’s also healthy for you to have some personal time away from the stresses of work and daily obligations. With a planner, you can get things done efficiently and make time for that weekend fishing trip.

3. Being Unable to Fit in Unexpected Events

Your friend wants to go to the outdoor expo this weekend, but do you have time to fit that in? When you organize your schedule, you know exactly what you do and do not have time for. If you need to make time for something fun, you can always shift a few things around, too. Schedules are often flexible like that.

4. Unfinished Items on Your To-Do List

When you write down a to-do list and make a plan to cross those items off, you’re likely to get them finished. With a planner, at the end of the day, you have a record of all of the progress you made. Even if you have one or two items left on that list, you have still crossed off others.

When you invest in a planner and start making a schedule, you just might find that these things you’ll miss aren’t really missed at all.