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To operate lucrative and successful business enterprises, it is imperative for entrepreneurs to develop and improve their business communication skills.  Learning to communicate effectively with various stakeholders like employees, suppliers, investors, clients and government agencies by choosing the appropriate words can literally make or break the growth prospects of the enterprises that these businesspersons operate. Communication is the underlying skill that enables entrepreneurs to cultivate loyalty in employees, charm clients to come back repeatedly to the enterprise for their needs, court investors and exploit avenues to generate revenue for the business.

How communication skills are critical for long-term success

George Bardwil is a renowned entrepreneur from Southampton, Long Island and the proprietor of Bardwil Industries, a family business that his grandfather founded in 1906. Since its inception, the company has been a prominent name in the America textile industry and it specializes in the manufacture of high-quality textile materials to American homes from quality raw material that the company imports from India and China.  Currently, the company conducts its business operations in New York, New Jersey and Ohio and employs over sixty workers in these three business centers. The proprietor and the management of this reputed textile company treats each employee as a member of their family.


Mr. Bardwil says the developing effective communication skills are critical to the long-term growth and success of and entrepreneurial business because of the following reasons:

1.      Exploiting and expanding your reach in the market

Entrepreneurs may have adequate knowledge of their business enterprise and the market environment in which they operate. This includes the products the enterprise manufactures, the services it provides, its mission and vision but if these people can express themselves with the appropriate words in the market, their growth prospects are dismal.  Mr. Burdwil explains that it is essential for potential businesspersons to expand the market segments of their business by mastering essential communication skills.

2.      Leading and educating employees

Mr. Burdwil admits that developing and enhancing the communication skills that he inherited from his father and grandfather was catalyst in the success of Burdwil Industries. He explains that an entrepreneur may have the well-thought out business plans and strategies to gain a permanent foothold in the market in which business conducts its operations. However, if he/she cannot express the same concisely and lucidly to the employees along with the mission and vision of the business, it will ultimately hinder the growth of the business enterprise.

3.     Ability to motivate

The unique ability to motivate other people by developing and mastering the essential skills of verbal and non-verbal communication is what sets competent entrepreneurs apart from their competitors in the market place. Proficient businesspeople are aware of the importance of motivating and inspiring their staff and employees to overcome roadblocks that may hinder the progress of the business enterprise and own personal development. Mr. Burdwil says that when an entrepreneur inspires his/her workforce with heartfelt words, those employees will not hesitate to go the extra mile for the business enterprise.

George Bardwil emphasizes that it is crucial for an entrepreneur to master effective communication skills for long-term success of his business.