The benefits of remote working in the modern business world



Remote working has long been the dream of so many people around the world, and for many of us it has now become the reality as well. With the advent of the internet making working from anywhere suddenly a whole lot more accessible, the remote worker is now the rule and not the exception. While there will always be some roles where remote working is, frankly, impossible (heart surgeons, I’m looking at you!) there are still many other jobs – many of them in the digital and tech worlds – where it’s hugely possible, and indeed advantageous.

For the business owner a team of remote workers can be a great money-saving opportunity; simply get a serviced office and then have your team working from home and connected via a messenger service like Slack. If the team needs to get together then can via Skype or in a monthly meeting in the boardroom. For more on serviced offices in Thailand, click here. After all, it’s often the case that your office isn’t completely full which means that you as a business owner are paying for dead space. We all know that corporate leases happen by the square metre, which means that the hallway – lovely as it is – is being paid for and underutilised. Far better to have a team of remote workers who are at home and loving it than a half-empty office of space going begging.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of remote working for the modern business world

Save money on office costs

As we outlined above, when your team are working remotely it’s easier than ever to save money and channel those funds into something else. Plus, when you have a remote team it means you can choose to hire a serviced office which usually means a prestige address! A serviced office in the heart of Bangkok is a great option – but not usually affordable. But – a serviced office is the money saving, reputation boosting solution that’s great for remote work teams.

Not limited by geography

Have you found the perfect graphic designer but they’re in the Netherlands? No problem! Just get them on board and online and you can have them working overnight while you’re sleeping. Respond to their feedback during the day and you’re laughing. The same goes with talent all over the world – you can pick and choose who you want to work with.

Enjoy a better quality of life

For many people, the idea of working from home is a dull idea. Lots of people love to be around others. But for many other people working from home is their idea of an incredible time. Make sure you hire people who are comfortable with working alone and from home, and then watch them flourish as you give them the incredible opportunity to work the way they want for a company they love (yours!).

Work around other interests

When you have a remote working team you can also enjoy the benefits of not having to be in the office at ‘regular hours’. This gives you the freedom to pursue interests and options that may not have been available to you when working a full time role. Think about the business development seminars, the training, the external activities that you can take part in… The world is your oyster.

Save money on commuting

A great part about working remotely is that you and your staff are going to save money and time on their commute. This is a huge benefit for many people, especially, obviously, the ones who live ages away from the office!

When planning a remote working scenario be sure to consider everyone and to think about what is actually going to work for your team. It might be a 50/50 split with some of the team at home and others in the office, or it might be remote working all the way. Whatever you choose, be sure to enjoy the ride.