The Office Of Today Is Very Different From The 80s

Bland, neutral colors may have been de rigueur in office buildings circa the mid-1980s, but today’s office trend is toward the color green. We don’t mean cold, hard cash – though that’s nice, too. We are talking about the environmentally friendly practices that have been adopted in most offices during the past decade or so. Technology has greatly reduced the need for reams of paper, towers of filing cabinets and water-cooler gossip sessions. We’d rather store information on the cloud and chat electronically with our coworkers instead. That way, we can plan to eat our all-natural lunches up on a bench on the eco roof instead of in the dingy breakroom.

The following infographic offers a truthful glimpse at office life 30 years ago compared with today. Now we figure that if we have to be working, we might as well be in an environment that doesn’t stress us out. In fact, we might need to head down for a game of table tennis. We’ll be sure to water our desk plants on the way out.