The Business of Space Aged Burials

Life Gem

When dealing with the idea of death most of us prefer to not think about it. However there are some people who are very interested in a new and different way to be remembered after their passing. Here we have an interesting example that will have your remains turned into a sparkling gem.

Cubic zirconia is made by compressing minerals into a brilliant diamond shape. Life Gems compress your ashes into that shape. Moreover, not only are multiple colors available (birthstone, anyone?), but they can be placed into settings and thus worn as rings or other jewelry. You can have a permanent luster and need never be apart from a loved one (or several, I suppose, if multiple people want matching ones).



The brainchild of a Swedish marine biologist, Promession or freeze-drying immerses the body in liquid nitrogen, which makes the body brittle. The body is then vibrated, which causes it to disintegrate, and the remaining liquid is vacuumed away.


A mechanical separator removes any medical implants or fillings and the powdery remains are laid to rest in a shallow grave. As of yet no one has chosen this exit route, but the company does have a licensed branch available in the United Kingdom, and it’s likely interest in it as a green alternative will grow.

Ash pencils

Perfect for the budding—or accomplished—writer, designer Nadine Jarvis has created a handsome box set of pencils…made entirely from human ash. On average, a cremated human body produces enough ash to create 240 pencils, and the box is specially designed to release only one at a time.

The sharpener is located on the side of the box, which will contain the excess shavings. When the last pencil is used up, the box becomes a defacto urn, containing the ashes that are left. Morbid? Perhaps.