5 unique corporate gift Ideas for Christmas and New Year

Corporate giftsare generally different and chosen with much thought because the gift receiver is a boss a client, an associate or your employees and none of these form a part of our kith and kin. They are also an extended family but with a layer of professionalism over it. You can get a funky jewelry for your elder sister as a Christmas or New Year gift, but you cannot get the same for your lady boss. You can get a sporty jacket for your relative but not the same for your client. There lies a thin line of difference between a unique corporate gift idea and the rocking gift idea for the rest of your circle. And this difference is called professional congeniality. Take a few suggestions form the gift ideas mentioned below.


Assortment of cupcakes and chocolates: You can play safe with this gift idea because the appeal of a cupcake and chocolate is equal everywhere. It spreads only sweetness. As a Christmas gift cupcakes, the smaller versions of big cakes would be best because you can get more than one cake in one gift. And as far as chocolates are concerned, get some nice dark chocolates (imported would be preferred) because dark chocolates are proven to relieve stress. As a good employer, you must think of the work stress of your employees and thus this gift set is incredible.


Food vouchers: See the main reason behind our working status is to support our bread and butter. If there would have been no hunger pangs, I think there would have been no reason to work. Food is one prime thing that makes people happy again. People tend to eat outside more during festive seasons. As an employer, you must get your employees some food vouchers with which they can have a great gluttonous time in some lavish restaurant with their families.

Candle set with an antique candle-holder: Every festival has the motto of spreading love and brightness. Christmas is no exception to that. Every street and house you see is decorated with glittering lights. So, you can get one of the oldest means of light, i.e., a candle. For your boss, client, or supplier, or employees, this would be an enjoyable gift. Fragrant and colorful candles with an antique candle holder would be really a great gift.


Ties n cuffs & clutch bag: Yes, I know that no office has only male employees but as a New Year gift idea you can differentiate among your male and female employees. The male block would look classy and elegant with ties and cuffs while the female block would love to carry the clutch bag with pride. In a word, your gift idea would be a hit among your professional people.

Luggage Bag: Luggage bag is something that everyone requires and as a corporate gift this would be well accepted because of its classy appeal. There are some really great brands in this department and you have to look out for them to excite your corporate people. Material wise, leather would be the most preferred one.