Six statistics that should change your mind about going to college


If you are considering going to college but have not yet fully made up your mind a number of factors you need to consider first. Below are 6 statistics you need to know about before making your decision if college is right for you or not.

72% of those aged between the ages of 25-32 say that going to college and getting a degree has paid off. On top of this, an extra 17% thought that in the future it would be beneficial.

On average people aged between 25-32 that had been to college earn an extra $17,000 per year when compared to those who did not attend. If you want to earn more money each year the best thing you can do is to go to college. The education may not be of as much value as you wanted but it is impossible to deny that it is extremely beneficial to help to make more money. When trying to work out if the money spent on education is worthwhile you need to consider this statistic.

As the cost of tuition fees rises the amount paid to people who do not have a college degree are going down. The amount paid to those who have a degree is on the increase so you are more likely to get a well-paid job if you have been to college.

Millennial’s that did not go to college are up to three times more likely to stay in the same job to enable them to get by. It is common for those that do not have a degree to take employment that they do not enjoy and end up been stuck. The only way that they can financially survive is from paycheck to paycheck. Most do not enjoy their jobs and live purely for their time off on the weekends.

22% of Millennial’s that did not go to college live in poverty compared to only 6% of those who went. In the U.S. the powerhouse of the world, it is difficult to comprehend that so many people live in poverty. To give yourself the best bet of avoiding this you are best off getting a degree.

High School Diplomas do not help you earn more money and between the years 1965 up to 2013 the value of having one has dropped to $28,000 from $31,284. It means that graduates were better off during JFK’s presidency compared to Obama which is extremely alarming. The main reason for this is that there are no blue-collar jobs anymore as these have been replaced by low-skill, low-wage jobs such as warehouse work or in the fast food industry.

12.2% of millennial’s that do not go to college are unemployed compared to only 3.8% of those who got a degree. As the world is on the brink of yet another worldwide economic crash you will give yourself the best possible chance of employment by going to college.

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