Business Generosity 101


You’ve encountered the disappointment of nitpicky, tightfisted organizations. The eateries who don’t do free coffee refills, the PC organizations that decline to settle things a day after the guarantee terminates (taking a gander at you Apple), and the air carriers who run after you to get paid for that extra ounce for your carryons. It makes you as the customer want to shout out against companies being so petty.

Being generous reverberates with clients. It exhibits that, eventually, you think about making things right and fulfilling the client’s needs. Organizations that appear to be cash grubbing scrooges, and get a notoriety for being such are often not forgotten by the people. Liberal organizations, then again, win a merited notoriety of thinking about the things that matter most.

An example of this was when the Verizon Foundation gave $100,000 to help organizations in Seaside Heights, NJ. The organization gave more than simply its cash for Hurricane Sandy alleviation. More than 160 representatives, including numerous senior pioneers, volunteered their time to tidy up and remake a primary school crushed by the storm.

The telecommunication company likewise chose to supplant copper wires on Fire Island, NY with its fiber-optic system, Verizon FiOS. Altogether, more than $6 million was given to revamping and alleviation from the superstorm by Verizon representatives, clients and the Verizon establishment.

This is of course an extreme example of a corporation going out of it’s way to help people. It is however scalable and in the event of a disaster or at any time your generosity as a company will not be forgotten by your customers.