Using prohibition signs to promote health and safety at work

Educating everybody in the premises about health and safety is a challenge, but using high-quality signs is a fantastic solution as it is quick, easy and efficient. These signs can educate individuals on how to behave to reduce the chance of an incident, as well as what to do in certain situations, such as a fire.

The workplace can be a complicated and dangerous place and particularly if it is somewhere that members of the public visit or pass through. There are all kinds of hazards and potential issues that can occur, many of which could be extremely dangerous to individuals, company equipment and the premises. As a result, it is imperative that the manager takes the necessary steps to reduce the chance of any incident occurring on the site. This could help to save lives, stop lawsuits from occurring and promote health and safety.

One of the key challenges that employers face (particularly when members of the public are involved) is educating everybody on the premises of potential issues. It is impractical to stop everybody and inform them about fire safety, for example, but it is also extremely important that people are aware of how to react in case of fire. The solution to this problem is to use informative signs that are placed in appropriate places around the building.

These signs are designed so that people immediately take on their message and know how to act. This can even be on a subconscious level, similar to road signs which must be understood in an instant. There are many different types of sign to consider and will depend on the industry in which you work, but here are a few of the more common types to place in and around the building.


Fire Safety

As in all areas of life, fire is a major hazard and one that must be addressed in the workplace. Fire safety sign must be used to inform individuals on where fire exits are, which doors are fire doors to keep shut, alarm call point signs, no smoking signs and fire extinguisher information signs.


Every industry faces certain hazards and a quick and easy way to educate people on these is with signs. A few examples include signs that indicate slippery surfaces, high temperatures, biohazards and electrical hazards. This will help to stop any major incident occurring and keep everybody safe at all times.


Prohibition signs should be used to stop people from behaving in an unsafe manner. There are signs available that include no access, no naked flames, no dogs, avoid exposure to beam, not drinking water, fire door keep shut and various other important messages

First Aid

First aid signs can help to save lives. They succinctly inform individuals on how to act in certain medical situations and the speed in which these messages are communicated could be the difference between life and death.

All businesses in all industries must ensure that they have adequate signage from the above four categories to promote health and safety.

Implementation of Prohibition signs is important in any public place that has expects a large number of visitors in a day. These signs specify any actions or behavior which are not permitted or unsafe for the surrounding. To know more, visit